1. Tuesday December, 17th, 2013

    Thank you all so much for your support for our version ofColdplay's “The Scientist.” We have had over 8,400 listens on soundcloud so far and many wonderful comments! We couldn't continue without you all, and hope you will keep on supporting indie acts who struggle to do it just for the love of the music! ♥

  2. Wednesday December, 11th, 2013
    Download Love Echo's unique take on Coldplay's "The Scientist" free!

    Dear Friends!

    Thanks so much for all your support for our record. We’re extremely pleased to announce that we’ll be releasing a new EP in January entitled “Next to the Night,” and to show our appreciation for your kindness we’d like to give you a track from it as a free download—-an early gift for you for the holidays: our own, trademark, very unusual take on Coldplay’s “The Scientist.” Just like Lovecats, this is not your usual, vanilla, middle-of-the-road cover. We hope you enjoy it! Love! xx

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